Packline Solutions was established 10 years ago to satisfy a niche in the Australian packaging market for quality industrial packaging tools and machinery. Research showed a need for a Wholesale Partner that Packaging Companies could trust.

We are 100% distributor based, a principle reflected in our USP: “We will never sell against our distributors in their own end-user market!”

Packline Solutions core focus is on delivering an outstanding level of distributor-based customer service, founded on honesty and integrity. Understanding that our success depends on your confidence and loyalty, we operate only through our distributor network and not directly with end users.

Packline Solutions is a progressive company that continues to invest in global sourcing of innovative and quality products, helping you and your customers reduce costs and improve productivity, pack security, workplace safety and care for the environment.

Our distributors draw from our vast range of products available from stock for same-day dispatch, and from our long experience in matching packaging challenges with the best solutions. We have recently added an extensive variety of packaging consumables to our range, and the combination of excellent quality and value for money products has contributed to strong growth in sales for our distributors.

Our philosophy is one of combining quality, proven products with unparalleled service to provide our distributors with the most cost-effective supply solution.

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