Packline Solutions provide the most innovative Water Activated Tape Systems for all your packaging needs. Our Better Packages gummed paper tape and dispensers are what many of today’s online commerce giants are relying upon to build on their strongly positive brand image by improving their overall productivity, enhancing the security of their product when shipped, and addressing the need for a more sustainable option in packaging excellence.

With these 4-point advantages, our W.A.T or Gummed Paper Tape and Dispensers are able to lead the way in logistics management for all of our valued clients.

  1. Improved Security – Our Better Packages W.A.T tape and dispensers effectively eliminate/reduce theft which might occur if your products are sealed in plastic tapes as this does not stick or form a good seal with the carton. Our W.A.T tape naturally bonds with the surface of the carton, making it more theft-proof and ensuring the integrity of your package being delivered to your clients.
  2. Increased Productivity – Our W.A.T tape dispensers like the Better Packages electric and manual dispensers effectively increase the productivity of your carton-sealing activities. Plastic tapes are typically applied using a gun dispenser which can be very tiring to operate. This can significantly slow down the whole operation until such time that you won’t be able to meet your production output goals. Water activated gum paper tape dispensers, on the other hand, provide faster application of the tape. This greatly increases overall efficiency and productivity.
  3. Ecologically-Friendly – Since our dispensers use W.A.T Paper Tape with a Natural Starch Adhesive, we offer a very environmentally friendly system compared to plastic tapes. The W.A.T is also 100% recyclable which means that you will not have to worry about harming the environment, unlike plastic tape that is non-recyclable.
  4. Enhanced Positive Brand Image – The three foregoing advantages all lead to the enhancement of your brand image. Products that arrive at their destinations fully intact and looking very pristine should provide a positive image for the company. Likewise, using environmentally friendly materials to manage the products ordered by clients will appeal most to like-minded individuals, further improving the positive brand image of the company.


In short, our W.A.T  paper tape and dispensers are your tools for providing your respective clients fast and efficient delivery of their ordered products that are, in turn, managed in such a way that they look so elegantly packaged and are very responsive to the growing need for environmentally friendly products.

If you would like to find out more about our products, please call us on 1300 66 11 61.

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