Full Range of Doc-e Courier Satchel Bags now in stock, call or email us for your special pricing!

CB-260 COURIER BAGS 190x260mm, PACK OF 100/BOX OF 1000
CB-325 COURIER BAGS 250x325mm, PACK OF 100/BOX OF 1000
CB-380 COURIER BAGS 280x380mm, PACK OF 100/BOX OF 500
CB-440 COURIER BAGS 340x440mm, PACK OF 100/BOX OF 500
CB-450 COURIER BAGS 420x450mm, PACK OF 100/BOX OF 500
CB-650 COURIER BAGS 650x600mm, PACK OF 50/BOX OF 200

Doc-e Courier Bags/ Satchels are lightweight, durable and are designed to keep your items secure while maximizing postage saving.

They are indispensable for internet retailers, major banks, and general business mailing use. They are perfect for posting and transporting non-fragile items. They seal tightly and easy to write on.

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Full range of Courier Satchel Bags Now in Stock!

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