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Transport packaging is essential for many businesses. For small enterprises, manual methods such as tape and glue sealing are achievable for a few orders. As businesses grow, however, production increases, as does the need to move more stock. If the number of orders continue to rise, it can become increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up with the packaging processes.

Packline Solutions’ Pacmasta PMCS Carton Sealing Machine is a robust piece of equipment designed to streamline transport processes. If your warehouse or facility lacks carton sealing solutions, here are three reasons you should invest in one today:

Full Automation Qualities

Precision is the winning feature of automated processes. When you automate your sealing methods, you reduce the need to oversee elements of the process, such as ensuring a flat and clean tape surface. Invest in carton sealing equipment and the machine will do all the work for you with incomparable efficiency.

Increased Output

Sealing boxes is a task that shipping businesses do daily but it can be very time-consuming. When you rely on carton sealing machines, you increase the number of cartons you seal every day. The machines speed up the entire process and enhance your production rate without hiring more employees or expanding your facility.

Save on Costs

When we do the sealing manually, we tend to waste more tape than necessary. The Pacmasta PMCS Carton Sealing Machine, however, uses only the exact required amount of tape. The machines avoid tape wastage saving facilities money on supplies.

Established in 2004, Packline Solutions is a leading Australian company that provides high-quality industrial packaging tools and machinery to industries that require streamlined shipping processes. We are focused on delivering outstanding levels of customer service founded on honesty and integrity while ensuring our products meet your standards.

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