FIND OUR Carton Sealing Solutions

With our Carton Sealing Solutions you can avoid transit damage occurring to your cartons and freight items. Millions of cartons are shipped around the world each day. Using insecure sealing tape and weak cartons can cost time and money. Get it right the first time and avoid broken items, damaged products and returns for refunds.

If you have reached a commercial level of carton shipping, we have a range of Pacmasta carton sealing machines that will speed up your packing process, costing you less in labour and providing a better seal. We can also supply a flexible and mobile conveyor to slide your cartons to and from the carton sealing machine.

An essential tool in carton sealing is the tape dispenser. We have a range of hand held, bench top and floor marking dispensers to suit the various tapes available.

For a better, stronger and more reliable sealing solution we supply BondTape and water activated dispensers. BondTape is a Kraft paper tape that actually binds with the corrugated layer of the carton and is least likely to be damaged and tampered with.

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