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Hood shrink film machines are used in applications that require a tight, tamper- evident seal. The aim is to protect goods from contamination of pests, moisture, dust and to prevent theft. Most shrink film machines can handle shrink wraps with a variety of widths, designs, and film gauge.

Our Pacmasta shrink wrap machines apply heat to shrink a plastic film around a product. This process is often done by automated equipment.  Semi-automatic and manual shrink wrap machines are also available.

Hood Shrink Film Machines cover the item and then send it through a heat tunnel or oven to shrink the wrap. The machines create consistent uniform film shrink. By generating variable speed blown air and heating elements to circulate heat, hot air is forced to all package surfaces. Control systems adjust temperature, air acceleration and conveyor speeds. Efficient heating mechanisms in the machine reduces the supply of power required. Because of this, the machine is cost effective to run.

Our hooded shrink wrap machines seal and shrink in a single step. Machine features comprise of adjustable temperatures and sealing times and require a short warm up time. Shrink wrap machines increase packaging capacity, being faster and more efficient than manual wrap and shrink techniques. Our machines can be conveniently integrated into your manufacturing processes without interruption to workflow.

Pacmasta Hood Shrink Machines are simple to use and applicable to a wide range of industries, including publications, retail sales, eCommerce and food packaging. They are an essential tool for contract packaging businesses.


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