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Kraft paper and label dispensers are the eco-friendly affordable way to package your shipments.

Kraft paper and paper board are a natural plastic free product made from wood pulp and wet strength chemicals. It has strength and elastic properties which make it useful to a number of industries. It is a protective product for wrapping and shipping. Its durability means it can withstand the tough conditions during transport.

If you are packaging up food, cartons of goods or flower bouquets Kraft paper is ideal. Stores use Kraft paper to individually wrap items such as pottery and glassware, food items and other delicates because its reliable and affordable. It can be scrunched, becoming a filler inside cartons and between items strapped to together or on pallets.

Kraft paper comes in various widths and weights to suit your needs.  We supply Kraft paper rolls and dispensers, wall mounted or bench top stands.

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