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Hot Melt Baling Strap is made with polyester strands that are glued together into a textile strapping.

Compared to other strapping products Baling Strap is applied in a faster, safer and more cost effective way.

Baling strap is often used in agriculture, abattoir and bale press industries. If your load has sharp or abrasive edges then hot melt strapping would be unsuitable.

It is very gentle on delicate edges and the surfaces of products. With high elasticity it can absorb the shock of dynamic load movement during various transport conditions. Retensioning is easy if it comes loose and it has a high breaking point. It is also weather and UV resistant.

The hot melt lamination of the strap construction provides for controlled uncoiling, therefore easy and fast handling. There is no risk of injury when handling or opening the strap as it has no sharp edges or springy recoil.

Hot Melt Baling Strap is sealed with buckles or a knot for easy binding and is perfect for use in an automatic baling press machine.

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