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Dura-Grip Composite Strapping is made from extruded polyester strands glued together and coated with polymer. The combined strength, shock absorbency, abrasion resistance and high joint efficiency results in a user friendly product.

Composite Strap is known as ‘synthetic steel’ and the latest development in strapping technology. Because it is light, flexible and contains no sharp edges it can be applied in limitless number of applications.

Composite Strapping weighs less than steel strap yet it is as strong and more cost efficient. It doesn’t rot or rust and its soft and pliable qualities makes it less damaging to your products. It is chemical and UV resistant, is easy to handle (no safety gear or high level of experience needed) with high shock absorbance and cross directional strength.

Like steel, it holds its tension, unlike steel the composite’s tension can be readjusted. Steel strap will snap and break under extreme pressure such as a pallet drop but composite strap absorbs the shock and stays intact in the same situation.

It is applied with heavy duty hand held tensioners and sealed with buckles or seals.

It is a safe product, easy to work with and fast to apply.

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