FIND OUR Dura-Grip Edge Board Cutter

An Edge Board Cutter is the safest and most efficient way to cut edge board protectors to length. The sharp guillotine blades slice the edge board up to 10mm thick and are covered with a safety shield to prevent workplace accidents. It also comes with a safety pin to lock the cutter handle in place while not use.

The ergonomic pig tail handle is easy to use and guides the blade to cut neatly and easily without force by the user.

Edge Boards are used on pallets to keep load edges neat and protected from damage during transport. Pallets with uneven loads may require different length edge board protectors. Edge boards can be used inside cartons to strengthen edges to prevent crushing.

Using the Dura-Grip Edge Board Cutter will easily and neatly cut custom lengths to suit your load. It is a heavy-duty tool that is made for high volumes of work and the blades stay sharp for a long time.

The edge board cutter can be fixed on a bench with clamps or its compact design allows it to be moved around the workstation.

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