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Dura-Grip PET (Polyester) Strapping has unique qualities that make it one of the best materials for securing pallets or unit loads. It is the strongest of the plastic strapping materials and is used as an alternative to steel strapping. PET half the weight of steel which lessens the cost of freight. With excellent elongation and recovery properties that keep it tight it has good shock absorption and high break strength. Though it is as strong as steel, it is not resistant to sharp edges which may cut it during transport.

PET (Polyester) Strapping retains tension, is super lightweight, weather resistant, cheap and safe to use. It has more metres of strap per coil compared to steel, reducing coil changes needed in the dispenser. It has elastic properties that help it stretch during application, meaning you use less material. PET is also recyclable.

For efficient strapping and unitizing loads it is best applied with heavy duty hand tools and battery operated combo tools for efficiency and ergonomics. For efficient application at volume, semi or fully automated strapping machines help keep the production line up to speed.

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