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PP Strapping is the most widely used strapping in the packaging industry. It is the most economical strapping available. PP strap has high tensile strength and elasticity and low tension loss that makes it suitable for light to medium duty freight and carton sealing.

PP is embossed with a checkered pattern to improve grip during tensioning and elongation before breakage. It comes in a range of colours, various widths, thicknesses and polymer variations. You can have it printed with your brand identification for marketing purposes.

It is much safer to handle than steel strapping, which requires handlers to wear protective eye wear and gloves. For inexperienced handlers, Polypropylene strapping is much safer and easier to use.

PP can be fed through a range of strapping machines, including hand held manual tools. The strap can be applied manually with heavy duty sealers and tensioners and battery-operated tools. For larger production lines, semi-automatic and automated machines are used for a fast strapping application. When unitizing a pallet with PP strap, edge board protectors and corner protectors assist in evening out the tension and stopping the strap from squeezing and cutting into the products. PP strapping can be sealed with friction welds, seals, buckle or heat seals.

This plastic strapping can be recycled and it’s up to businesses to organise PP sorting on the premises and collection or delivery to a recycling centre.

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