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Our Dura-Grip Steel/ Stainless Steel Strapping is the most durable strap on the market. It has a very high load bearing capacity. This quality makes it the most suitable strap for very heavy duty freight and carton sealing purposes. Steel strap has rounded edges for safety of use. Made from quality Bluescope steel, it has high break strength at a thinner gauge.

Steel is naturally UV resistant and the stainless steel or galvanised steel strap is most suitable for weather exposure.

Steel/ Stainless Steel Strapping is used for transporting large heavy loads, loads with sharp edges that could cut through less durable strap, distance freight and multiple loading and unloading. It is also be used for securing large loads on trucks, trailers, rail cars and in shipping containers. Due to its strength in high motion situations, it can be used for sealing shipping containers. Steel strap does not stretch due to its high tensile properties and will only break after a significant amount of pressure.

It can be applied with a heavy duty hand tensioner and sealed with heavy duty notch sealers and metal seals. For high volume production lines, semi or fully automated strapping machines will apply the strap with speed and precision.

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