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Woven Strapping is made from cross weave polyester thread and coated with a stiffener to give it rigidity and strength. It is resistant to wear and tear from sharp edges and course surfaces making it suitable for strapping rough consignments.

Woven strap is resistant to UV, chemicals and all weather conditions. It does not rust and performs very well in temperatures from below 40 – 70 degrees C.

Woven Polyester absorbs high impacts far better than steel, therefore holding the load more effectively. Woven strap can stretch and retract at a rate of  3-4 %. Using a buckle system to seal the strap allows for retensioning of loads that settle, shift or loosen without having to  replacing the strapping.

Woven strap coils weigh only 8kg and are easily lifted into the dispenser.
You get more metres of woven strap in a coil compared to a coil of steel strap which has the advantage of reducing the frequency of coil changes onto the dispenser.

The material has no sharp edges and is safe to use even with the most inexperienced handler. When cut open or let go of on the coil it does not spring back as violently as steel. It is easily removed and disposed of without damaging goods and injuring personnel.

With one tool to tension and cut your strapping, the DURA-GRIP woven
strapping system is an effortless and efficient way to secure goods.

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