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Stretch wrap hand dispensers make the job of preparing pallets or consignments for freight quicker and easier. Simply mount the roll of stretch wrap onto the dispenser and adjust the tension as you walk around the pallet till the pallet is wrapped. The more you apply the tension the better your wrap quality will be for securer loads. The brake mechanism on hand dispensers tightens the film and the more stretch you apply to the film the tighter your wrap will be. Tightly wrapped bundles and pallets are more secure during transport and storage.

Our long handled pallet wrap dispensers are light weight and easy to handle. They are designed to avoid bending down or stretch high when wrapping a pallet. This is much better for avoiding back injury and preserving safety in the work place.

The Adjustable Heavy Duty Hand Held Stretch Wrap Hand Dispenser is an improvement on the standard dispenser with the roll of stretch wrap easily changed with a few quick manoeuvres.

We have a range of pallet wrap dispensers that would suit your customers needs. Give us a call at Packline today for further information.

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