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This innovative stretch wrap will revolutionise your pallet wrapping in your production line. Made from blown octene based material, compatible with all standard friction brake wrappers.

Orbitwrap gives over 50% more distance out of a roll than other commonly used stretch wrap saving on waste, time and money. You get double the amount on a roll than conventional rolls of wrap.

There is no compromise on quality, offering the same performance as higher gauge film. This high performance product provides outstanding puncture resistance and elasticity required for pallet wrapping and bundling. Sharp edges won’t damage your wrap. Tried and tested holding force and flexibility and double thickness reinforced edges makes for less damage and edge tearing.

Easily applied by hand or by machine, this film does not neck down so your pallets are wrapped much faster.

You can be assured that if applied correctly, Orbitwrap will protect your bundles and pallet loads in all types of conditions during transit and storage. To make increase your productivity, investing in a pallet wrapping machine makes good economic sense.

We have written an article on the environmental benefits of Orbitwrap which you can read here.

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