Black Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping

Black Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping 31.7 mm x 0.80 mm Dura-Grip SS-32080R-HT

A durable strap with high break strength at a thinner gauge.



Pricing excludes G.S.T and Freight.

Promotional and Bulk Quantity Discounts may apply.

Dura-Grip Steel Strapping is the most durable strap on the market with the following benefits:

  • Rounded edges make it safer to use
  • High break strength at a thinner gauge means savings on material and shipping
  • Heaviest loads are kept in place without breaking due to high breaking strength
  • Made from quality Bluescope Steel

Dura-Grip Steel strapping is best used for:

  • Transporting large, heavy & stable loads
  • Loads that have sharp edges that could cut softer restraints
  • Loads that are being shipped far distances
  • Loads that will experience multiple loading and unloading operations
  • Loads that aren’t sensitive to damage from contact with steel


Product Code Coil Type Strap Size Colour Breaking Strain
SS-32080R-RD Ribbon Wound 31.7 x 0.80 mm Black 2280kg




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