Woven Strapping 19 mm x 500m Dura-Grip WPS-19H


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Dura-Grip woven polyester strapping equals the breaking strain of steel strapping but is only 15% of the weight for similar specification. It is unaffected by extremes of temperature, humidity or chemical substances and easy to handle, with no sharp edges to injure operatives or product.

Woven polyester strapping is stronger than any other alternative because it has more filaments that are woven together for extra strength and it has an added stiffening agent in the strap to make it rigid enough for any industrial uses.

Benefits of Dura-Grip Woven Polyester strapping include:

  • Cost efficient
  • Does not damage your products
  • Weather and chemical resistant
  • High cross directional strength
  • High capacity to absorb shocks
  • As strong as steel
  • Weighs 85% less than steel
  • Cannot rust or rot
  • High retained tension
  • Can be retensioned

Product Type Width Core Size Length Breaking Strain
WPS-19H Woven – 2 Red Lines 19mm 76mm 500m 1100kg




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