Advanced Auto Strapping Machine

Advanced Auto Strapping machine Pacmasta AFS-900

A powerful machine for use with wide strap.


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Pacmasta AFS-900 is an enhanced automatic strapping machine for wide strap (8 mm-12mm). With all its enhanced features, it is the most powerful machine and the best price/performance ratio product in its class for general purpose applications with wide strap.

Excellent Durability

  • Robust mechanism design with a high engineering standard

Out-of-strap Feature

  • The machine will automatically refeed and/or eject the strap to eliminate downtime.

Reliable and Robust Strapping Head

  • Robust mechanism design and high engineering standard ensure excellent durability of the products.
  • Uses two proximity switches to replace conventional limit switches.

Electronic Tension Control

  • Strap tension can be adjusted accurately by the simple turn of a dial.
  • Easy operation.

Pacmasta AFS-900 Technical Data

Strap Width Strap Thickness Strap Tension Speed/Minute (60Hz) Net Weight Electrical Requirements
8mm – 12mm 0.55mm-0.75mm 7-70kg 29 straps 220kg 220V 50Hz 1PH



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