High Speed Strapping Machine

High Speed Strapping Machine for 12mm PP Strapping Pacmasta THS-200-12

An ergonomic and fast automatic strapping machine with adjustable table height.


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The Pacmasta THS-200-12 is an innovative, world-class, high-speed automatic strapping machine suitable for 12mm Strap. It is equipped with all the industry’s standard features and several creative user friendly designs. It offers the most optimal performance,highest speed, easiest maintenance and the most cost effective solution in its class today.

THS-200-12 Features

  • Robust & Compact Mechanical Strapping Head
  • Free Access to Strap Guides (patents registered)
  • Waist-High Auto Strap Feeding
  • Waist-High Quick Coil Change
  • Ergonomic Cycle Initiation
  • Auto Strap Ejector
  • Adjustable Table Height

THS-200-12 Technical Data

PP Strap Size Speed/Minute Strap Tension Net Weight Electrical Requirements
12mm 60 Straps 1 kg to 45 kg 166 kg 110V 220V 230V 50/60Hz 1PH


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High Speed Strapping Machine - Pacmasta THS 200

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