Semi-Auto Open Frame Strapping Machine

Semi-Auto Open Frame Strapping Machine Pacmasta TMS-300OF

A general purpose, affordable, portable, and compact semi-auto strapping machine.


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The Pacmasta TMS-300OF is an affordable, portable, and compact semi-auto strapping machine.  It is designed for general purpose and can meet your various applications. With thousands of machines exported to the world every year, the quality of TMS-30OF is highly proven.

That’s why we call this machine Mr. Reliable.

TMS-300OF Features

  • Portable. This machine is compact and light-weight, enabling easy transportation and only requires a small space for installation. 
  • No Strap Damage. The feed system, strap tensioning device and cams are designed as to eliminate splitting, bending and scratching.
  • Applicable to Any Shape. The width of the slide table is small, allowing for simple bundling of pipes and irregular shaped objects.
  • Simple Operation. The free end of the strap appears on the table which can be placed around this article by hand for strapping. No training required.
  • Easy Adjustment. Adjustment for use of any strap in a width up to 15.5 mm can be made  by slackening off only four screws.

Pacmasta TMS-300OF Technical Data

Strapping Speed Dimensions Net Weight Max Tension Strap Width Power
2.5 sec/strap 910mm(L) x 582mm(W) x 770mm(H) 85 kg 45 kg 6, 9, 12, 15.5 mm AC230V(50Hz), single phase


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Semi Auto Strapping Machine - TMS 300 OF Pacmasta

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