Manual Tapeshooter Tape Dispenser

Manual Tapeshooter Tape Dispenser Better Packages BP-TS404

A lever-operated manual water-activated tape dispenser that offers simple sealing a variety of applications.


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Sleek in design, small in footprint, the Better Pack TapeShooter is a lever-operated manual water-activated tape dispenser (also known as a paper tape dispenser, gummed or gum tape water-activated tape dispenser) that offers simple sealing for specialty applications.

Who Uses?

  • Neighborhood food service establishments such as pizza restaurants, bakeries, sandwich shops
  • Supermarket deli, seafood and meat counters
  • Floral retailers and wholesalers
  • Mail rooms and packing stations

Used to Wrap:

  • Uncoated corrugated or cardboard containers
  • White butcher wrap and freezer paper
  • Corrugated wrap
  • Kraft wrapping paper
  • Uncoated pizza and floral boxes


  • Simplifies sealing and ensures a secure, professional seal.


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