DURA-GRIP Composite Strapping CMS

DURA-GRIP Composite Strapping

  • Cost efficient 
  • Cannot rust or rot 
  • Soft and pliable 
  • Does not damage your products 
  • As strong as steel 
  • Fast and easy to handle 
  • Weather and UV resistant 
  • Chemical resistant 
  • High cross directional strength 
  • High capacity to absorb shocks 


    DURA-GRIP composite (COMP) strapping draws on innovative co-extrusion technologies to combine strength, shock absorbency, abrasion resistance and high joint efficiency into a single user friendly product. 

    Known as ‘synthetic steel’, it is the latest development in strapping technology. It is light, flexible, contains no sharp edges and can be applied in limitless number of applications. 

Product  Width/Type  Length (M)  Breaking Strain (KG’s) 
CMS-13  13mm Composite Polyester  1100  300 
CMS-16  16mm Composite Polyester  850  450 
CMS-19  19mm Composite Polyester  500  630 
CMS-25  25mm Composite Polyester  450  940 
CMS-32  32mm Composite Polyester  300  1500 


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