Dura-Grip Serrated Open Seals CP

Dura-Grip Serrated Open Seals

  • Dura-Grip Serrated Super Grip Seals are used on PET (Polyester) Strapping and have a special serrated design inside the seal to grip the strapping. 
  • They are designed for smooth or embossed Polyester Strapping to keep the seal from losing grip on the strapping. 
  • They are designed to work with off-set sealers and single feed combination strapping tools. 
  • Finish: Galvanized 
Product  Description 
CP-12  PET STRAPPING 12mm, 1000/BOX 
CP-16  PET STRAPPING 16mm, 1000/BOX 
CP-19  PET STRAPPING 19mm, 1000/BOX 

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