Dura-Grip Heavy-Duty Phosphate Buckle CWB

Dura-Grip Heavy-Duty Phosphate Buckle

Dura-Grip Heavy Duty Strapping Buckles have a higher joint efficiency than any other  available buckle and are a perfect way to keep your Woven Polyester and Composite Strapping buckled together. These buckles come in two types of finishes, Galvanized and Phosphate. The Galvanized coating is to suit Composite Strapping and the Phosphate coating to suit Woven Polyester Strapping. 

Product  Description 
CWB-5P  CORD STRAPPING 16x3.45mm, 1000/BOX 
CWB-6P  CORD STRAPPING 19x4.05mm, 1000/BOX 
CWB-8P  CORD STRAPPING 32x7.00mm, 250/BOX 

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