From sealing machines to tape dispensers, Packline has a complete carton sealing solution for warehouses, mailrooms and other industries where shipping and storage are a major part of the daily operations.

All of our products are designed to increase efficiency and speed -- our machines and packing equipment are fast and easy to use, convenient and require minimal maintenance.

Carton Packaging Made Easy

Carton boxes have changed little since they were first invented -- after all, they are still one of the most cost-effective options for packing a wide range of products, from small parts to large machines and appliances.

Carton boxes are lightweight, collapsible and can be constructed from recycled materials. Combined with inner packing materials, they also keep products protected while in transit.

With Packline's carton packaging equipment, boxes can be sealed quickly and securely. We offer both hand-held tools and high-speed carton sealing machines, greatly reducing the time spent for packaging.

We even offer a range of flexible conveyors which can be stretched and curved as needed for the easy handling of boxes and parcels.

A Secure Choice

Our tape dispensers and sealing machines are a secure choice during shipment as they create a good seal that sticks seamlessly to the cardboard.

Other types of tape may not stick or form a good seal with carton, which can affect the integrity of the package and leave it susceptible to theft. With our quality tape products, customers can rest assured that their seal will not budge. Our tape can also improve package security by ensuring that the item was not tampered with.

Improve efficiency and security for shipping and storage operations with Packline. Contact us today to learn more.

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