With what started as a company serving a niche market for packaging 10 years ago, Packline Solutions has expanded our range of products and services to provide wholesale industrial packaging supplies for our distributors. This is to show that we value our partners’ needs, especially when it comes to the increase in their demand for trustworthy and quality packaging products.

We understand that loyalty to our partners is imperative. Therefore, we place great emphasis on the products and services our partners’ require. In addition, we undergo continuous improvement and additions to our current offering.

As we envision to be the most reliable packaging partner in Australasia, we provide our partners with cutting-edge machinery and advanced packaging supplies, supported by our professional and knowledgeable staff. It is our duty to meet expectations and for this to be possible, we have been utilising a single point of contact to help our partners in their journey. Not only is this a plus for us, but a plus to our partners as well. With honesty and stronger relationships, rest assured that your investment in us is worth it.

Packaging Solutions That Your Clients Can Rely On

Packline offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions in Australia, helping businesses maximise efficiency and improve customer engagement. Our industrial packaging supplies are designed with speed and quality in mind, made from durable, industry-approved materials.

We cater to the needs of the fast-paced shipping and packaging industries, with the aim of giving businesses increased control over their shipments and their timetable.

All our packaging products and equipment keep shipments safe and secure, while also speeding up the packing process. Our industrial packaging solutions are reliable and economical, saving time and money while maintaining customer satisfaction.

The level of quality and value translates to trust and confidence from your own customers, which contributes to strong growth in sales and client loyalty.

Tailored Service

As an established, reliable industrial packaging company, we always put the needs of our clients first. We tailor our supply solution to meet your exacting needs, to give you a service that truly works for you.

Our packaging equipment solutions are often made according to the requirements of a specific industry, whether it’s warehousing, shipping, logistics and other industrial applications.

As one of the biggest and leading wholesale packaging suppliers in Australasia, we offer a vast range of equipment and machines such as strapping machines, pallet wrapping machines, and heat sealers. We also have many mailroom and shipping products including courier bags, bubble wrap dispensers, tape dispensers, and much more. We are here to meet your needs.

If you have any specific requests or need help finding the best products to add to your stock, do not hesitate to contact Packline Solutions today. We are always standing by to give you access to reliable industrial packaging solutions.

At Packline Solutions, we strive to combine high quality, proven products with great value and unparalleled service to serve our partners with the most efficient supply solution. Please give us a call on 1300 661 161 to discuss your packaging supplies requirements and our friendly team would be happy to assist you.

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