See our new Woven & Composite Strap Tensioner

Just in: Woven & Composite Strap Tensioner The Pacmasta ZP-CT32A Woven & Composite Strap Tensioner is easy to operate and  is suitable for strapping pallets or packs of goods. The ergonomic and user-friendly design covers a range of widths from 19mm up to 32mm and the high tensioning power will make your cord strapping and […]


Trends in green packaging

Packaging materials are used every day to transport and store goods to and from manufacture sites by logistics companies. The amount of packaging waste produced every week is astronomical and continually growing as global economies import and export goods and internet shopping is on the rise. We need packaging products to preserve the integrity of […]


What are Edge Protectors?

Cardboard edge protectors are essential for preventing potential surface damage and strapping cuts to pallet loads, bundles and cartons. They can also be used to stabilise stretch wrapped freight. Damage during transport and storage can cost manufacturing and logistics companies a significant financial loss. By including edge and corner protection to freight packaging, companies will […]


What is polypropylene strapping (PP Strapping)?

About polypropylene strapping Polypropylene strapping is made from lightweight plastic material and is used for fixing loads to pallets or bundling items for shipping. It is the most common type of plastic strap and the most economical. It comes in a range of colours, various widths, thicknesses and polymer variations. It can be printed for […]


Are you prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday occurs in the US the day after Thanksgiving and traditionally signals a nationwide retail sales day featuring heavily discounted goods, much like our Boxing Day sales here in Australia. Most Australians are unaware of Black Friday, yet it has been gaining momentum here in the last three years. It heralds massive discounts of […]


Sustainability Matters Magazine

Great news! An article we wrote on Environmental Packaging Solutions has be published by Sustainability Matters Magazine. With the exponential rise of eCommerce including freight, small online retailers and large companies are using more and more packaging to safely ship good out to customers. The more packaging we use, the bigger our waste problem. The […]


What is Industrial Packaging?

Industrial packaging is designed to ensure companies can freight large loads of goods intact with as few losses and damages to goods as possible, requiring more than your standard packaging can deliver. Used by manufacturers at the end of production to ship goods out of the factory floor to customers or into storage, industrial packaging […]


100% Recyclable Orbitwrap

Addressing the recycling crisis through the latest packaging technology with Orbitwrap. Our country is in a recycling crisis after China stopped accepting our recycling waste exports in January 2019. With plastics being a huge waste problem in Australia, it makes sense to minimise the effect with Orbitwrap, especially when it comes to pallet wrapping. Single […]

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