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The most efficient stretch wrapping solution is applied via purpose-built pallet wrapping machines. With the latest in plastic technology a stretch wrapping machine can get 200% more distance out of a roll of wrapping material than a handheld dispenser. Your pallets will also be wrapped consistently every time, with less, which is better for the environment. Load security is improved, ensuring less damage to goods during transit, equating to less returns and loss.

A pallet wrapping machine will save costs on stretch wrap consumables and free up employees to work in other parts of your production line. Our wrapping machines are designed for work and can operated non stop without a break. More pallets and goods are ready for shipping at the end of the day, increasing opportunities for expansion of your business.

There are manual, semi-automatic and fully automated pallet wrapping machines, some come with weight scales and ramps.  Fully automated machines are the most efficient. The most common stretch wrapping machines have a turn table which rotates the pallet or goods while stretching heads apply the film. We stock stationary turn table wrapping machines from Orbitwrap and Rotowrap or the fully mobile Orbitwrap. The choice you make will be dependent on how your production line works.

If your production output is increasing, it may be time to consider the expense of purchasing a pallet wrapping machine. In the end they can pay for themselves by saving you consumables, increasing load security and freeing up time for other business activities.


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