Hand Pre-stretch Film Orbitwrap Save

Hand Pre-stretch Film 400mm x 800M Orbitwrap Save ORS-40800S

Revolutionise your pallet wrapping with our truly unique blown octene based pre-stretch wrap in that it can be used on all standard friction-brake wrapping machines.


RRP $25.00 AUD

Pricing excludes G.S.T and Freight.

Promotional and Bulk Quantity Discounts may apply.

Orbitwrap Save offers a more efficient and cost effective alternative to conventional wrap. With outstanding puncture resistance and elastic memory, our ultra thin film is a high performance product that will save over 50% of film used per pallet!

Hand Pre-stretch Film Features

  • High-performance pallet wrap that uses state-of-the art resin technology to deliver improved performance and reliability.
  • High remaining elasticity in this film allows it to be stretched much further than most of its kind, making it easy to apply by hand or machine.
  • Double the amount on a roll compared to conventional hand or machine films.
  • Uses over 50% less film per pallet wrapped and reduces environmental impact.
  • Film does not neck down when stretched so your pallets are wrapped faster and require fewer wraps.
  • Great puncture strength means sharp edges won’t ruin your wrap.
  • Double thickness reinforced edges makes them less sensitive to damage and edge tearing.

The Benefits

    • A more efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional wrap.
    • Offers the same performance as higher gauge films at a significantly lower cost.
    • Extremely good combination of holding force and flexibility.
    • Rolls weigh half the weight of conventional wrap, reducing workplace injury and repetitive strain.
    • Less wrap is needed to achieve the same performance as conventional wraps, equalling less waste management costs and less environmental pollution.
    • This pre-stretch film is 100% recyclable which improves your company’s environmental footprint.


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