Composite/Woven Battery Strap Tensioner Tool

HD Composite and Woven Strap Battery Tensioner – 19-32mm Pacmasta ZP-CT32A

A fully mobile, cordless Composite/Woven battery strap tensioner tool powered by a rechargeable battery.


RRP $4,293.70 AUD

Pricing excludes G.S.T and Freight.

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Pacmasta HD Composite and Woven Strap Battery Tensioner – 19-32mm 


  • Single-handed operation: automatically tensions and cuts
  • Pre-programmed touch panel: auto, semi, and manual tension modes and tension force adjustment even if the voltage drops
  • Quick Reverse Button: allows for easy reversal of the windlass tensioner for quick tool removal after tensioning
  • Lightest on the market at 3.6 kg, including the battery
  • A 6-degree angle on the handlebar. Lessens wrist fatigue while tensioning on flat surfaces and during vertical operation
  • Low centre of gravity reduces the overall height of the tensioner to lessen operating fatigue.


Pacmasta ZP-CT32 Brochure_0320


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Woven & Composite Strap Tensioner Pacmasta ZP-CT32A

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